Gus Macker

12:00 am

The Original 3-on-3 Basketball Festival of Family Fun

A Gus Macker Tournament is designed for basketball players who love the fun of the driveway game – male or female, from age 7 to 70-plus, short and tall, the most experienced or those with little or no experience who just want to play.

Gus Macker Basketball originated in 1974. For the first 13 years it was a single tournament started by a pair of brothers and their friends, but became a festival phenomenon and America’s Original 3-on-3 Basketball Tour in 1987.

Through the years there have been almost 1,500 sanctioned Gus Macker Tournaments presented for almost 700,000 teams or almost 2.7 million players and played in front of over 27 million spectators.

Teams are computer-matched into male and female divisions in one of three categories: Junior, Adult, or Top. The age, height and experience of all four players on each team are considered in bracketing.

Teams receive at least three scheduled games each tournament. A Macker is a double-elimination tournament, but with a consolation bracket historically called “The Toilet Bowl” for teams that lose the first two games.

Our modern tournaments maintain order in almost all cases with registered officials calling fouls and violations.

Family fun in a festival atmosphere is always the goal of a Gus Macker Tournament, and we proudly serve as the most popular basketball tournament for outdoor play in downtown streets, parking lots and community parks across the country.

Downtown Midland August 15-16, 2020